Richard H Thompson

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A high resolution PHAL analysis of axonal connections suggests the existence of a visceromotor pattern generator network in the periventricular region of the rat hypothalamus (HVPG), and a preliminary account of its structure is provided here. Six nodes identified thus far include the dorsomedial nucleus and five small nuclei in the preoptic region(More)
The brain is usually described as hierarchically organized, although an alternative network model has been proposed. To help distinguish between these two fundamentally different structure-function hypotheses, we developed an experimental circuit-tracing strategy that can be applied to any starting point in the nervous system and then systematically(More)
BACKGROUND Anatomical studies of neural circuitry describing the basic wiring diagram of the brain produce intrinsically spatial, highly complex data of great value to the neuroscience community. Published neuroanatomical atlases provide a spatial framework for these studies. We have built an informatics framework based on these atlases for the(More)
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