Richard H. Sterns

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When chronic hyponatremia is rapidly corrected, reaccumulation of brain organic osmolytes is delayed and brain cell shrinkage occurs, leading to the osmotic demyelination syndrome (ODS). We hypothesized that treatment with myoinositol, a major organic osmolyte, could prevent ODS. Severe hyponatremia was induced in adult male rats by administration of(More)
Central pontine myelinolysis represents a relatively contemporary neurologic entity in which an imbalance of water relative to alterations in the body's electrolyte levels induces characteristic demyelination in the central part of the basis pontis as well as extrapontine sites. The clinical scenario is typically one of chronic hyponatremia followed by a(More)
An acute increase in plasma tonicity results in an adaptive increase in brain organic osmolyte content, but this process requires several days to occur. Slow reaccumulation of brain organic osmolytes may contribute to osmotic demyelination. It was investigated whether administration of intravenous myoinositol in rats could speed entry of the osmolyte into(More)
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