Richard H. Stern

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The use of oncolytic viruses to treat cancer is based on the selection of tropic tumor viruses or the generation of replication selective vectors that can either directly kill infected tumor cells or increase their susceptibility to cell death and apoptosis through additional exposure to radiation or chemotherapy. In addition, viral vectors can be modified(More)
The US Federal Circuit court of appeals has dissolved the preliminary injunction that for several years kept from offering its Inter-net customers the one-click shopping that offers. The one-click patent, one of the most derided business-method patents, took a heavy thrashing from the Federal Circuit, but it hasn't been(More)
I decided to be ambitious and call this column “Part 1.” The US Court of Appeals on the West Coast (CA 9) recently handed down an opinion (in Kelly v. Arriba Soft) broadly condemning as illegal what it termed “framing” and apparently condemning all hyperlinking as well. It turns out, though, that what the CA 9 called framing is actually just putting an(More)