Richard H. Shinn

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The 44-amino-acid E5 protein of bovine papillomavirus type 1 is a highly hydrophobic protein which appears to transform cells through the activation of growth factor receptors. To investigate the specificity of E5-growth factor receptor interactions required for mitogenic signaling, we utilized a nontumorigenic, murine myeloid cell line (32D) which is(More)
This paper explains a new tour-guide robot Jinny. The Jinny is developed by focusing on human robot interaction and autonomous navigation. In order to achieve reliable and safe navigation performance, an integrated navigation strategy is established based on the analysis of a robot's states and the decision making process of robot behaviors. According to(More)
We have investigated the site and conformational preference of the reaction of a formaldehyde/amine reagent with DNA. Previous investigations of this laboratory have established that this reagent will react with native DNA, placing a positively charged amine moiety on the duplex that will survive exhaustive dialysis. The resulting adduct is duplex and base(More)
Supercoiled enriched PM-2 DNA has been relaxed by treating with calf thymus topoisomerase I and used in the preparation of a family of n-butylamine adducts of varying levels of substitution. The amine is cross-linked by formaldehyde to the exocyclic amino group of G when the DNA is in duplex form. These amine adducts of covalently closed relaxed (ccr) DNA,(More)
Changes in linking number and the apparent winding angle of pBR322 DNA have been evaluated in mixed ethanol-water solvents containing either Na or Mg as the major counterion contributing to the electrostatic shielding of the duplex. The average number of superhelical turns (tau) produced in the standard electrophoresis buffer (Tris-borate-EDTA, pH 8.0) by(More)
A hatch-year Swainson's Hawk (Buteo swainsoni) recovered from Modoc County, California, US, on 12 August 2012 had malformations of the rear limbs consisting of bilateral polymelia and syndactyly. We describe the malformations and evaluate potential causes. Postmortem examination revealed varus rotation of both femurs and abnormal appendages originating from(More)
The paper will present the old, new and upcoming technologies for communications over copper wires that are, or will be very useful for ITS networks. The discussion will focus on the design and implementation of various ITS communications applications that are being demonstrated using copper wires, and will illustrate specific situations where there are(More)
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