Richard H Poirier

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PURPOSE To contribute to the knowledge of epidemiologic and clinical features of patients hospitalized with Q fever in France. METHODS We conducted a retrospective analysis of 22,496 sera submitted between 1982 and 1990 to the French National Reference Center for Rickettsial Diseases (NRC). The diagnosis of acute Q fever was based on an IgG titer greater(More)
Active search of hospital records was used to survey insulin-dependent juvenile-onset diabetics younger than 17 years resident in General Montreal at the time of onset of symptoms during a seven-year period (1971-1977). A mean annual incidence of 8.8/100,000 was found with variation from year to year (5.8 to 10.3). Eighty percent were five years of age or(More)
Thirty patients randomized to the Acyclovir (ACV) group (26 with dendritic lesions, 4 geographic lesions) and 34 patients randomized to the idoxuridine (IDU) treatment group (26 dendritic lesions, 8 geographic lesions) with epithelial herpetic keratitis were evaluated for efficacy and adverse reactions in a multi-center, double-masked, randomized,(More)
Authors have studied 758 sera from normal subjects in Marseille area. The genotype frequencie Hp 1 is 0,39, similar that of France in general. The phenotype repartition is 16% for Hp 1-1, 45% for Hp 2-1 and 39% for Hp 2-2. People with carcinoma have shown a increase of the frequencie of the phenotype Hp 2-2 and a decrease of the frequencie of genotype Hp 1,(More)
Families (n = 14) with more than 1 sibling with insulin dependent diabetes were matched with families of similar size and age distribution containing only 1 affected child. The distribution of HLA haplotypes, age of onset of disease, and seasonal onset of disease were compared in the two groups. The data are not consistent with the hypothesis of a single(More)
The study was designed to evaluate the value of vinorelbine in a cisplatin-mitomycin-vinca alkaloid regimen for treatment of locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). A group of 227 patients with inoperable NSCLC in stage III (58%) or stage IV (42%) were included in this randomized multicenter trial comparing a reference regimen(More)
Laboratory study fo 109 insulin-dependent diabetics younger than 17 yr of age and resident in greater Montreal at the time on onset of symptoms is reported. The cases were diagnosed during a 2-yr period (1976-1978). Sibling controls were obtained for 72 of the cases studied. Viral titers to coxsackie B, rubella, and mumps virus for the 72 patient-sibling(More)