Richard H. Lee

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Fewer than 24 % of Veterans received appropriate evaluation and/or treatment for osteoporosis within 6 months of an index fracture. An electronic consult (E-consult) service was implemented at three Veterans Affairs Medical Centers to facilitate the identification of and recommend management for patients with recent fracture. The E-consult service used(More)
Background. Escherichia coli (E. coli) associated intrauterine infections with intact membranes are extremely rare. Case. A 30-year-old multiparous female presented at 26 weeks' gestation with clinical signs of chorioamnionitis but physical examination suggested intact membranes. Her dietary history was concerned with Listeriosis. An amniocentesis was(More)
SUMMARY Previous studies showed that the Infratonic Stochastic Resonance (SR) therapy increases race performance on standard-bred horses and decreases the risk of inflammation and muscle injury. In the present study we continued investigating the benefits of this therapy on standard-bred racehorses. We expand the research to the analysis of the hyaluronic(More)
Feedforward neural networks (FNN) are most heavily used to identify the relation between a given set of input and desired output patterns. By the universal approximation theorem, it is clear that a single-hidden layer FNN is suffcient for the outputs to approximate the corresponding desired outputs arbitrarily close and so we consider a single-hidden layer(More)
In the Americas, women with Indigenous American ancestry are at increased risk of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), relative to women of other ethnicities. We hypothesized that ancestry-related genetic factors contribute to this increased risk. We collected clinical and laboratory data, and performed biochemical assays on samples from U.S.(More)
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