Richard H Howard

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BACKGROUND An integrated health care system deployed Six Sigma in four clinical projects. The selected projects targeted Medicare profitability, emergency department cycle time reduction, clinic patient preparation, and medication safety. CROSS-PROJECT ANALYSIS: The six-month start-up period yielded several lessons. For example, the selection and sequence(More)
1 Summary of the review Reading the title of the book, one might expect that it would focus on past, today and future of cyber security and cyber wars as well as its social aspects. This was at least my expectation. But the book is a very classical network security book and provides only technical details about various security issues. On the other hand,(More)
viii ix Preface by the CED Research and Policy Committee CED' s Digital Connections Council (DCC), a group of information technology experts from CED trustee-affi liated companies, was established to advise CED on the policy issues associated with cutting-edge technologies. Th is report, concerning " openness " in healthcare, is the third of its products.(More)
Printed by Authority of S t a t e of Illinois. FOREWORD This report is not a laboratory manual. Rather it supplements laboratory manuals by explaining some of the factors involved in making and using coal analyses. Although many details are not covered, I have attempted to discuss the factors I consider most important. No attempt has been made to provide a(More)
microscope. While this chapter requires of its reader some knowledge of physics, it contains information which all electron microscopists should possess for a thorough understanding of the potentialities and limitations of this instrument. Three chapters follow on selected methods and techniques including preparation of metal specimens, mounting of(More)
book through his lucid presentation of much technical data. The discussion of corrosive qualities of water is unusually thorough and explicit as is his discussion of the sanitary significance of impurities in water and on bacterial decomposition of organic matter in water. What might be considered to be a deficiency is the rather limited discussion of(More)
Cambodia has developed booming textile, garment, tourism, and entertainment service industries since the mid-1990s. The 2007 global financial crisis pushed many garment workers, who lost their jobs, into the entertainment sector. Entertainment workers are typically engaged informally by their employers and are subjected to long working hours, sexual(More)
physician will find material of interest. Some of the abstracts merely express vague generalities, however, and, while others are more specific in their contents, the supporting data of necessity have been omitted. The volume, therefore, is of interest chiefly as an index of the activities and interests which those who submitted abstracts would like to have(More)
The subject matter of this Ciba symposium departs from the usual specialized , esoteric topics of these meetings. Bringing together such noted scientists as Sir this conference discusses the future of mankind as seen through the eyes of people actively engaged in biological research. These men don the philosopher's hat and attempt to analyze the impact of(More)