Richard H. Furneaux

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The structure of human HGPRT bound to the transition-state analog immucillinGP and Mg2+-pyrophosphate has been determined to 2.0 A resolution. ImmucillinGP was designed as a stable analog with the stereoelectronic features of the transition state. Bound inhibitor at the catalytic site indicates that the oxocarbenium ion of the transition state is stabilized(More)
Two simple and reliably accessible intermediates, N-carboxypentyl- and N-aminohexyl-1-deoxy-D-galactonojirimycin were employed for the synthesis of a set of terminally N-dansyl substituted derivatives. Reaction of the terminal carboxylic acid of N-carboxypentyl-1-deoxy-D-galactonojirimycin with N-dansyl-1,6-diaminohexane provided the chain-extended(More)
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