Richard H. Dana

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Hermann Rorschach researched the utility of his inkblot experiment to understand psychopathology and cultural differences. Contemporary research with the Rorschach has evaluated its utility as a test, although it may more properly represent a clinical method with somewhat different evaluation criteria. Recent controversy regarding the adequacy of the(More)
Personality assessment services for Native Americans have been culturally inappropriate and historically underutilized as a consequence. A framework for personality assessment is presented including components of relevant cultural knowledge, assessment techniques, assessor characteristics, and relationship style. Emic and etic approaches are described as(More)
ABSTRACTS: Newborns are predisposed to neutropenia and thrombocytopenia during bacterial sepsis. The presence of peripheral cytopenias during overwhelming infection may be secondary to decreased bematopoietic growth factor production during states of increased demand. We therefore examined circulating levels of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF)(More)
African Americans have made consistent progress toward first-class citizenship since 1965. Nonetheless, mental health services for this population have been biased, incomplete, and deficient because similarities to European Americans have been emphasized whereas differences were largely ignored. This article addresses some differences, including(More)
Managed mental health care cost-containment practices of risk-benefit analysis, provider usage, manipulation of supply and demand, gate keeping, medical necessity, and formulation have adversely affected quality of care. Improved mental health services are dependent upon redefining mental health problems and understanding inequities created by(More)
Comparison of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI) and clinician-generated DSM-III diagnoses for a sample of psychiatric outpatients (N = 72) indicated only chance agreement. The MCMI was of limited use as a screening device because of overdiagnosis and failure to identify individuals who prematurely terminated treatment. Other potential problems(More)
This paper summarizes findings from applications of the Agency Cultural Competence Checklist in three human service agencies. This checklist was developed on the basis of published literature and culture-specific agencies were chosen to document checklist findings in settings known to be culturally competent. As anticipated, all three agencies were(More)
The relation of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) to the Racial Identity Attitude Scale--Black, Short Form (RIAS-B) was examined among 50 African American male college students in a reanalysis of unpublished MMPI data described in R. H. Dana (1993). This permitted study of relationships between MMPI scores and specific psychological(More)
Feedback refers to client-relevant information that is communicated directly to the client. A review of the literature suggests that how one reacts to feedback is influenced by the kind of feedback, the conditions under which feedback is presented, and a variety of relevant subject variables. The most frequent design has resulted in acceptance of false(More)