Richard H Chen

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was accomplished by placing a concentrated solution of the nanoparticles in dimethylsulfoxide onto the PLL film for about 20 min, after which it was rinsed in dimethylsulfoxide and then dichloromethane. From the molecular weight, the average length of the PLL is about 30 nm. Therefore, each polymer can accommodate about seven or eight nanopar-ticles. [25](More)
Laboratory selection experiments are alluring in their simplicity, power, and ability to inform us about how evolution works. A longstanding challenge facing evolution experiments with metazoans is that significant generational turnover takes a long time. In this work, we present data from a unique system of experimentally evolved laboratory populations of(More)
Water splitting is unanimously recognized as environment friendly, potentially low cost and renewable energy solution based on the future hydrogen economy. Especially appealing is photocatalytic water splitting whereby a suitably chosen catalyst dramatically improves efficiency of the hydrogen production driven by direct sunlight and allows it to happen(More)
  • ד‬໚ȑshen, Chen-Yangȑ, Ding Sl, Yu Jc, Chen St, Hsu Gc +49 others
  • 2011
2010, " Diverse associations between ESR1 polymorphism and breast cancer development and progression " , " Synergistic effects of polymorphisms in DNA repair genes and endogenous estrogen exposure on female breast cancer risk " , " The clinical implications of MMP-11 and CK-20 expression in human breast cancer " , CLINICAwide association study identifies(More)
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