Richard Gruss

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To support effective browsing, interfaces to digital video libraries should include video surrogates (i.e., smaller objects that can stand in for the videos in the collection, analogous to abstracts standing in for documents). The current study investigated four variations (i.e., speeds) of one form of video surrogate: a fast forward created by selecting(More)
With more and more digital videos found online, video retrieval researchers have begun to create various representations or surrogates for digital videos, such as poster frames, storyboards, video skims and fast forwards. How to evaluate the effectiveness of these video surrogates has become an issue for researchers. This paper proposes two general classes(More)
Toy-related injuries account for a significant number of childhood injuries and the prevention of these injuries remains a goal for regulatory agencies and manufacturers. Text-mining is an increasingly prevalent method for uncovering the significance of words using big data. This research sets out to determine the effectiveness of text-mining in uncovering(More)
OBJECTIVES Product issues can cost companies millions in lawsuits and have devastating effects on a firm's sales, image and goodwill, especially in the era of social media. The ability for a system to detect the presence of safety and efficacy (S&E) concerns early on could not only protect consumers from injuries due to safety hazards, but could also(More)
A broad pelvis is characteristic of most, if not all, pre-modern hominins. In at least some early australopithecines, most notably the female Australopithecus afarensis specimen known as "Lucy," it is very broad and coupled with very short lower limbs. In 1991, Rak suggested that Lucy's pelvic anatomy improved locomotor efficiency by increasing stride(More)
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