Richard Goldman

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We have developed a full-custom IC design flow based on Synopsys custom design tools and the recently released Synopsys 90nm generic library. The developed design flow can be used for teaching VLSI and digital IC design courses. We have also developed a full-custom design project that was used as a course project in teaching " Digital VLSI Design " course(More)
This paper reviews the present status and current developments of the Electronic Design Interchange Format, EDIF. After a review of the role EDIF has at present, some of the new ideas being developed for inclusion in the new release of EDIF (Version 21 0) are introduced. Work on the definition of the Electronic Design Interchange Format EDIF started in 1983(More)
The aggressive scaling of CMOS technology toward nanometer lengths contributed to the surfacing of many effects that were not appreciable at the micrometer regime. Among them, Inverted Temperature Dependence (ITD) is certainly the most unusual. It manifests itself as a speed up of CMOS gates when the temperature increases, resulting in a reversal of the(More)
Process variations - which affect critical electrical parameters and lead to both random and systematic changes in circuit performance - have always posed significant challenges to semiconductor design. In the past, within-die process variation was relatively small, and methods such as corner-based analysis were sufficient. This allowed timing analysis(More)
Regional governments are playing an increasingly important role in stimulation and influence of technology-the "Information Superhighway" being the latest icon. Reminiscent of the industrial revolution built upon manufacturing advances, the "Information Revolution" is being built upon the internet and sweeping advances in computing and telecommunications(More)
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