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BACKGROUND The use of psychotropic medication to treat children and adults with mental retardation (MR) has a long and extensive history. There are no identified medications to address specific cognitive deficits among persons with MR. Instead, psychotropic medications are used to treat specific behavioral symptoms and/or psychiatric syndromes. The purpose(More)
Sleep problems are an essential part of the current diagnostic criteria for depressive and bipolar disorders in children and adolescents. Whereas many studies have reported subjective sleep problems in youth with depression or bipolar disorder, except for reduced rapid eye movement latency associated with depression, few objective mood-related sleep(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the steady-state pharmacokinetic properties of bupropion sustained release (SR) and their potential developmental differences in youths. METHOD Eleven boys and eight girls aged 11 to 17 years old were prescribed bupropion SR monotherapy for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (n = 16) and/or depressive disorders (n = 16).(More)