Richard Gayle

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We previously demonstrated that when platelets are in motion and in proximity to endothelial cells, they become unresponsive to agonists (Marcus, A.J., L.B. Safier, K.A. Hajjar, H.L. Ullman, N. Islam, M.J. Broekman, and A.M. Eiroa. 1991. J. Clin. Invest. 88:1690-1696). This inhibition is due to an ecto-ADPase on the surface of endothelial cells which(More)
Excessive platelet accumulation and recruitment, leading to vessel occlusion at sites of vascular injury, present major therapeutic challenges in cardiovascular medicine. Endothelial cell CD39, an ecto-enzyme with ADPase and ATPase activities, rapidly metabolizes ATP and ADP released from activated platelets, thereby abolishing recruitment. Therefore, a(More)
Hek is a member of the eph subfamily of receptor tyrosine kinases whose members include elk, hek2, sek, eph and eck among others. Using a soluble form of hek consisting of the extracellular region of the receptor fused to the Fc domain of human IgG1 and an expression cloning strategy, we have isolated two different but related cDNAs from the human(More)
Endothelial cell CD39/ecto-ADPase plays a major role in vascular homeostasis. It rapidly metabolizes ADP released from stimulated platelets, thereby preventing further platelet activation and recruitment. We recently developed a recombinant, soluble form of human CD39, solCD39, with enzymatic and biological properties identical to CD39. To identify amino(More)
Maximal oxygen uptake (Vo2max) was measured or estimated in 597 males, aged 16-69. Smoking and drinking habits were also determined in this population. After the influences of age, weight, skinfold thickness, and drinking habits were removed, smokers clearly had decreased Vo2max. Similarly, when the relationships were corrected for age, weight, skinfolds(More)
Interleukin-8 (IL-8) and growth regulatory gene/melanoma growth stimulatory activity (GRO/MGSA) are small polypeptide molecules involved in the chemotactic response of certain cell types. Two receptors have been described which interact with IL-8, designated type 1 and type 2. IL-8 binds with high affinity to both receptors, whereas GRO/MGSA and(More)
One thousand and sixty males and 119 females age 10-69, were tested on the treadmill as they walked at 3 mph (2 mph in subjects 60 yr and older). Every 3 min, the grade was increased 3%. Oxygen uptake and related measurements were recorded during the 3rd min .at each grade. Subjects, age 10-39, exercised to. exhaustion and maximal oxygen uptake (VOz max)(More)
Class-IIS restriction endonucleases such as MboII cleave DNA at a specified distance away from their recognition sequences. This feature was exploited to cleave DNA at previously inaccessible locations by preparing special asymmetric linker/adapters containing the MboII recognition sequence. These could be joined to DNA fragments and subsequently cleaved by(More)
A series of mutations comprising single and multiple substitutions, deletions, and extensions within the carboxy-terminal domain of the bacteriophage lambda Cro repressor have been constructed. These mutations generally affect the affinity of repressor for specific and nonspecific DNA. Additionally, substitution of the carboxy-terminal alanine with several(More)