Richard Gault

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The question of determining which sets of constraints give rise to NP-complete problems, and which give rise to tractable problems, is an important open problem in the theory of constraint satisfaction. It has been shown in previous papers that certain sufficient conditions for tractability and NP-completeness can be identified using algebraic properties of(More)
We define a class of program schemes RFDPS constructed around notions of forall-loops, repeat-loops, arrays and if-then-else instructions, and which take finite structures as inputs, and we examine the class of problems, denoted RFDPS also, accepted by such program schemes. The class of program schemes RFDPS is a logic, in Gurevich's sense, in that: every(More)
Tinnitus is the phantom perception of a sound heard in or around the head in the absence of an identifiable source affecting 10-15% worldwide. The majority of tinnitus sufferers have some form of hearing loss. The multiple pathologies that generate and sustain tinnitus in a diverse tinnitus population make it challenging to establish a homogeneous cohort(More)
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