Richard G. Smith

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  • Silvio J Pereira Cardenal, Niels D Riegels, Philippa A M Berry, Richard G Smith, Andrey Yakovlev, Tobias U Siegfried +1 other
  • 2009
17 Remote sensing (RS) data are an alternative to in-situ hydrometeorological data in 18 remote and poorly monitored areas and are increasingly used in hydrological 19 modeling. This study presents a lumped, conceptual, river basin water balance 20 modeling approach based entirely on RS data: precipitation was obtained from the 21 Tropical Rainfall(More)
Cover crops provide a variety of important agroecological services within cropping systems. Typically these crops are grown as monocultures or simple graminoid-legume bicultures; however, ecological theory and empirical evidence suggest that agroecosystem services could be enhanced by growing cover crops in species-rich mixtures. We examined cover crop(More)
Reinforcers lose their effectiveness when they are presented repeatedly. Traditionally, this loss of effectiveness has been labeled satiation. However, recent evidence suggests that habituation provides a more accurate and useful description. The characteristics of behavior undergoing satiation differ for different stimuli (e.g., food, water), and these(More)
Experimental analysis procedures have been shown to be effective means for identifying the environmental determinants of problem behaviors. A potential limitation of these procedures is that it is necessary to produce and document patterns in the occurrence of the problem behavior during the assessment. In the case of severe behavior disorders, this may(More)
BACKGROUND Right ventricular failure is a serious complication after left ventricular assist device placement. CASE PRESENTATION A 70-year-old male in decompensated heart failure with right ventricular failure after the placement of a left ventricular assist device. A single dual-lumen PROTEKDuo cannula was inserted percutaneously via the internal jugular(More)
  • Alwyn Williams, Mitchell C. Hunter, Melanie Kammerer, Daniel A. Kane, Nicholas R. Jordan, David A. Mortensen +3 others
  • 2016
Yield stability is fundamental to global food security in the face of climate change, and better strategies are needed for buffering crop yields against increased weather variability. Regional- scale analyses of yield stability can support robust inferences about buffering strategies for widely-grown staple crops, but have not been accomplished. We present(More)
  • Alwyn Williams, Daniel A. Kane, Patrick M. Ewing, Lesley W. Atwood, Andrea Jilling, Meng Li +12 others
  • 2016
There is increasing global demand for food, bioenergy feedstocks and a wide variety of bio-based products. In response, agriculture has advanced production, but is increasingly depleting soil regulating and supporting ecosystem services. New production systems have emerged, such as no-tillage, that can enhance soil services but may limit yields. Moving(More)
To enhance ambulation and facilitate hospital discharge of total artificial heart (TAH)-supported patients, we adapted a mobile ventricular assistance device (VAD) driver (Excor) for TAH use and report on the performance of Excor-driven TAH patients discharged home. Ten patients stabilized on a TAH, driven by the CSS ("Circulatory Support System"), were(More)
The unique ability of the EnviSat RA-2 to transmit a small proportion of the full 1800Hz raw waveforms gathered on board to ground has allowed an investigation of the characteristics of inland water echoes at an unparalleled level of detail. Considerable reprocessing is required to transform the raw echoes into useable form: they must then be merged with(More)