Richard G. McDaniel

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—The Amulet user interface development environment makes it easier for programmers to create highly-interactive, graphical user interface software for Unix, Windows and the Macintosh. Amulet uses new models for objects, constraints, animation, input, output, commands, and undo. The object system is a prototype-instance model in which there is no distinction(More)
Marquise is a new interactive tool that allows virtually all of the user interfaces of graphical editors to be created by demonstration without programming. A “graphical editor” allows the user to create and manipulate graphical objects with a mouse. This is a very large class of programs and includes drawing programs like MacDraw, graph layout(More)
Both tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum cv VF 36) plants and suspension cultured cells show phosphate starvation inducible (psi) excretion of acid phosphatase (Apase). Apase excretion in vitro was proportional to the level of exogenous orthophosphate (Pi). Intracellular Apase activity remained the same in both Pi-starved and sufficient cells, while Apase(More)
Adding animation to interfaces is a very difficult task with today's toolkits, even though there are many situations in which it would be useful and effective. The Amulet toolkit contains a new form of animation constraint that allows animations to be added to interfaces extremely easily without changing the logic of the application or the graphical objects(More)
Respiration rates and efficiencies of oxidative phosphorylation of hepatic mitochondria from mature Hubbard White Mountain Cross broiler and White Leghorn layer hens were compared. Broiler hen mitochondria consistently tended to exhibit higher succinate-supported State 3 respiration rate, respiratory control ratio, and ratio of adenosine diphosphate to(More)
One-way, dataflow constraints are commonly used in graphical interface toolkits, programming environments, and circuit applications. Previous papers on dataflow constraints have focused on the design and implementation of individual algorithms. In contrast, this article focuses on the lessons we have learned from a decade of implementing competing(More)
Three-day-old suspension cultured cells of Lycopersicon esculentum transferred to a Pi-depleted medium had 2.7 times the excreted acid phosphatase (Apase) activity of cells transferred to a Pi-sufficient medium. Cell growth during this time period was identical for the two treatments. Excreted Apase activity was resolved into two fractions on a Sephadex(More)