Richard G. Luecking

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Longstanding advocacy for employment opportunity, recent legislative and policy developments, and advancements in employment service practice have contributed to an emerging notion of presumptive employability for individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, low levels of employment remain the norm for people with disabilities, especially those with(More)
Employer views of people with disabilities and vocational rehabilitation programs have evolved along with societal views of disability and legislative initiatives to prevent employment discrimination. This article discusses relevant literature on these employer perspectives, relates these perspectives to an evolving paradigm of dual customer and demand-side(More)
Objective This study examined data from the second National Longitudinal Transition Study to determine variables associated with post-high school competitive employment, and to develop a logistic regression model for predicting successful employment outcomes. Design A longitudinal survey design. Setting United States. Participants A nationally(More)
Employment, career advancement, and financial independence are highly valued in the United States. As expectations, they are often instilled at a young age and incentivized throughout adulthood. Despite their importance, employment and economic sufficiency continue to be out of reach for most people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).(More)
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