Richard G. Lomax

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PURPOSE Physiological and perceptual measures during interval exercise are not well understood. The current study therefore examined the correspondence between RPE, HR, and blood lactate concentration ([La]) during interval cycling. METHODS VO2peak and the 4.0 mmol x L(-1) lactate threshold were determined. In session 2, subjects (N = 12) warmed up (10(More)
Sweat rate may affect sweat lactate concentration. The current study examined potential gender differences in sweat lactate concentrations because of varying sweat rates. Males (n = 6) and females (n = 6) of similar age, percentage body fat, and maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) completed constant load (CON) cycling (30 min--approximately 40% VO2max) and(More)
The primary aim of the present study was to explore the heterogeneity of emergent literacy skills among preschool-age children with specific language impairment (SLI) through examination of profiles of performance. Fifty-nine children with SLI were assessed on a battery of emergent literacy skills (i.e., alphabet knowledge, print concepts, emergent writing,(More)
Ice hockey players have long been given different monikers to describe styles of play (e.g., " enforcers, " " grinders, " " skilled players "). The purpose of this paper was to empirically determine whether there is any basis for these categories using the APBA (American Professional Baseball Association) computer simulator for playing the 2003-2004 NHL(More)
Dehydration raises heat injury risk and reduces performance [ , , ]. The purpose was to validate the Hydra-Alert Jr (Acumen). The Hydra-Alert was tested in two exercise/clothing conditions. Participants wore it while wearing exercise clothing and exercising at a self-selected intensity (n = 8). Others wore the Hydra-Alert while wearing a ballistic-vest and(More)
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