Richard G. Born

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Managers of businesses worldwide are only beginning to realize the economic and improved decision-making value of discrete-event simulation. In order to accelerate the rate at which business managers employ simulation, such a course needs to be taught to more business students than is currently being done. This, in turn, implies the need for an improvement(More)
In order to get more people to use simulation, improved teaching of simulation is important. In this context, textbooks and, more generally, teachware play a critical role. The panel looks at some of the older and successful textbooks as well as textbooks and teachware that are quite new and in some cases are still under development.
In 2011, GPSS, the General Purpose Simulation System, celebrates its 50<sup>th</sup> anniversary. At the 2001 Winter Simulation Conference there were two papers dealing with the 40<sup>th</sup> anniversary of GPSS. With these papers available on the Web, this paper will concentrate on the developments of GPSS after 2001. There are still three systems with(More)
Although discrete-event simulation has pedagogically been rooted in computer science, and the practicality of geographic information systems in geography, the combined use of both in the business world allows solving some very challenging temporal/spatial (time and space dependent) business problems. The discrete-event simulation language WebGPSS, an ideal(More)
This paper deals with the cooperation between three European and American simulation teachers, who together have taught simulation to over ten thousand students in five countries. They have, based on student feedback, developed an educational version of GPSS, the General Purpose Simulation System. This simplified system, aGPSS, has proved to be very easy to(More)
An important component of any simulation course is the discussion of experimental design. WebGPSS has been used by the author for two years to discuss experimentation in an introductory course in discrete-event simulation. This paper discusses how to set up simulation experiments using WebGPSS by presenting three business problems whose solutions require(More)
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