Richard G. Adams

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The effect of active and passive recovery on the removal of accumulated blood lactate and subsequent muscle function were tested using five male subjects. The experimental protocol consisted of two exercise sessions performed on a mechanical brake cycle ergometer at 150% VO2max for 60 seconds. Termination of the supramaximal work bouts were followed by a 20(More)
The present study examined the effect of pre-sleep ingestion of two depressant drugs (nitrazepam and butobarbitone) on subsequent performance. 12 subjects attempted five 15-min tasks in a balanced, latin-square design. The high dose of each drug increased the time on task decline in a short-term memory task. STM did not show a definite time of day effect.(More)
The pharmacokinetics of atropine (dl-hyoscyamine) was studied in six normal volunteers following a single 1-mg intravenous dose of atropine. Atropine plasma levels were collected for 24 hours and analyzed by radioimmunoassay. Pulse rates were monitored and compared with predose values in each subject. Atropine plasma concentrations were fitted by(More)
Hypertension remains a common public health challenge because of its prevalence and increase in co-morbid cardiovascular diseases. Black males have disproportionate pathophysiological consequences of hypertension compared with any other group in the United States. Alterations in arterial wall compliance and autonomic function often precede the onset of(More)
BACKGROUND Limited data suggest that physical activity increases postexercise blood pressure in African-American women. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the postexercise blood pressure response to acute exercise in normotensive young adult African-American women. METHODS Eight healthy women (age 22.5+/-.9 years) performed a cycle ergometer bout(More)
An exaggerated exercise blood pressure response (EEBPR) may be associated with an increased risk of hypertension. We hypothesized that aerobic exercise training can decrease EEBPR and the risk for hypertension by decreasing arterial resistance. We studied the effects of aerobic training on the submaximal exercise blood pressure (BP) of eight normotensive(More)
Exaggerated blood pressure reactivity to behavioral stress has been observed in the African-American population, and such a pressor response is believed to play a role in hypertension. Regular aerobic exercise has been shown to exert an anti-hypertensive effect, and this may alter the blood pressure hyperreactivity observed in African Americans. To test the(More)
BACKGROUND Although age-related loss of fat free mass (FFM) is well known, there is paucity of data on national estimates, and on the differential influence of ethnicity on the decline in FFM with increasing age. We determined whether age-related loss in FFM and fat free mass index (FFMI) vary by gender and or ethnicity, using representative data from the(More)
We have studied inhibition of purified canine angiotensin converting enzyme by substance P and its nonapeptide derivative using Hip-His-Leu as the substrate. Kinetic studies indicated that both substance P and its nonapeptide derivative inhibited the hydrolysis of Hip-His-Leu at different concentrations. The mode of inhibition was competitive with a Ki of(More)