Richard G. Absher

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Genealogies of human diploid embryonic lung fibroblasts, WI-38 were prepare from analysis of filmed sequences of clones at passages 20, 28 and 53. The results indicate heterogeneity in cell division patterns, interdivision time and migration activity. The relationship of the cell division patterns to age of culture is difficult to assess at this time(More)
Parametric spectral estimation methods provide high frequency resolution and allow a compact representation. The Wigner Ville distribution (WVD), on the other hand, presents high frequency concentration and temporal resolution, but produces spectral crossterms and abundant data. WVD autoregressive (AR) modeling combines the advantages of both techniques.(More)
Stuttering is manifested as a disruption in speech timing, but it may stem from a more basic temporal disorder (R. D. Kent, 1984). We compared the ability of stuttering and nonstuttering adults to estimate protensity and to distinguish the relative lengths of short tones. We also examined whether there is a correlation between a person's degree of(More)
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