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Metaepistemology and skepticism
Although the terminology is relatively new, it has been possible for some time now to distinguish two quite different sorts of questions in epistemology — metaepistemological questions and normativeExpand
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Epistemic Justification and Normativity
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Much of contemporary epistemology takes place in the shadow of the internalism/externalism debate. Its current place on the centre stage of epistemology seems appropriate given the dramaticExpand
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Speckled Hens and Objects of Acquaintance
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Epistemic Internalism, Philosophical Assurance and the Skeptical Predicament
It is a particular pleasure to contribute this paper to a volume honoring Al Plantinga. I have always viewed his work as a model of how to do philosophy and I have learned a great deal from him overExpand
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Foundationalism and the Infinite Regress of Reasons@@@Metaepistemology and Skepticism
Richard Fumerton's admirable defense of foundationalism depends upon some arguments against the possibility of the infinite regress of justificatory reasons. One reason for preferring foundationalismExpand
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Induction and Reasoning to the Best Explanation
In this paper I want to cast doubt on the claim that there is a legitimate process of reasoning to the best explanation which can serve as an alternative to either straightforward inductive reasoningExpand
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The Paradox of Analysis
Many contemporary Western philosophers are primarily concerned with providing philosophical analyses. They refer to the objects of their analyses in various ways. Some analyze the meanings of wordsExpand
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Sosa's Epistemology
Although he has published a great many interesting pieces on a great many philosophical topics, I shall be primarily concerned in these remarks with Sosa's epistemology, in particular his account ofExpand
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