Richard Fox

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An in silico protein model based on the Kauffman NK-landscape, where N is the number of variable positions in a protein and K is the degree of coupling between variable positions, was used to compare alternative search strategies for directed evolution. A simple genetic algorithm (GA) was used to model the performance of a standard DNA shuffling protocol.(More)
The avermectin analog doramectin (CHC-B1), sold commercially as Dectomax, is biosynthesized by Streptomyces avermitilis. aveC, a gene encoding an unknown mechanistic function, plays an essential role in the production of doramectin (avermectin CHC-B1), modulating the production ratio of CHC-B1 to other avermectins, most notably the undesirable analog(More)
Due to the limited computing resources of cell phones and the relative lack of bandwidth of cell phone networks, broadcasting live streaming video from cell phone camera is challenging. Prior work has shown that data compression using wavelet and sub-band aligned integer run-length encoding can produce real-time streaming video. However, such transmissions(More)
– Perceptual problems often call upon the application of a variety of knowledge sources. An automated problem solver can utilize much of this knowledge in the form of top-down guidance to improve accuracy and reduce processing time. Ironically, most automated handwritten character recognition systems, which are highly accurate, seldom use any top-down(More)
Application development for mobile devices has become big business. Between the increasing computational capabilities of these devices, their ubiquity, and the availability of dozens of development environments, new applications for these devices are being produced daily by large companies and independent software entrepreneurs. As a result, many(More)
Classification is an integral part of many types of problem solving such as diagnosis, understanding, and as a component in prediction and design. Here, hierarchical classification is used to determine a user's behavior in a Linux environment as the user enters commands via a command-line prompt. Once successfully classified, one might be able to either(More)
Typical grammar checking software use some form of natural language parsing to determine if errors exist in the text. If a sentence is found ungrammatical, the grammar checker usually seeks a single grammatical error as an explanation. For non-native speakers of English, it is possible that a given sentence contain multiple errors and grammar checkers may(More)