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Analog audio needs a separate physical circuit for each channel. Each microphone in a studio or on a stage, for example, must have its own circuit back to the mixer. Routing of the signals is inflexible. Digital audio is frequently wired in a similar way to analog. Although several channels can share a single physical circuit (e.g., up to 64 with AES10),(More)
In this paper the device driver architectures currently used by two of the most popular operating systems, Linux and Microsoft's Windows, are examined. Driver components required when implementing device drivers for each operating system are presented and compared. The process of implementing a driver, for each operating system, that performs I/O to a(More)
Two horses with ataxia of all four limbs were found to have cervical intervertebral disc protrusion. Severe pelvic limb ataxia, proprioceptive deficits and spasticity were present in both horses with similar but less severe signs in the thoracic limbs. Cerebrospinal fluid analysis was within normal limits. Metrizamide myelography allowed definitive(More)
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