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Many post-secondary academic institutions in the United States have a First-Year Seminar Program. These seminars are designed to support the success of new incoming first-year students by combining writing, research and active discussion among small groups of students. At Dickinson College, students are required to select six seminars they find interesting(More)
Focal periphyseal oedema (FOPE) is a rare MRI finding associated with pain in adolescent patients with very few reported cases. We present a case of FOPE in a 13-year-old girl and the only follow-up imaging available for an isolated presentation of this condition.This article describes a clinical course that correlates well with the imaging obtained. This(More)
Image demosaicing is the process of recovering truecolor images from raw data captured by color filter arrays. The research focuses on the improvement of a state-of-the-art demosaicing algorithm built upon the pivotal assumption that there exist two representative colors in an image neighborhood. Using a JAVA experimental framework, we have implemented the(More)
Administered the Rotter I-E scale to 135 psychiatric disability petitioners in connection with their clinical evaluation for the Social Security Administration. Internal vs. External Locus of Control (I-E), Personal Locus of Control (PLC) subscale, and Sociopolitical Locus of Control (SLC) subscale scores were analyzed with respect to diagnostic groups.(More)
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