Richard Figura

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The design and deployment of networked embedded systems is challenging. In particular, the environment in which the system operates has a severe impact on the final performance. Existing tools trade generality for specificity with arbitrary setups, e.g., in simulation, or specific configurations, e.g., in public testbeds. As a result, the peculiar effect of(More)
Wireless sensor networks offer a pragmatic solution for monitoring in a variety of scenarios. For efficient and practical data gathering, especially in large-scale systems deployed in inaccessible areas, unmanned vehicles are becoming a compelling solution. The added infrastructure flexibility comes at the cost of limited contact time between the mobile(More)
Cycle-accurate emulation of sensor networks allows a detailed analysis of platform target code for development and evaluation. However, the high overhead incurred by providing the necessary fidelity limits the size of the emulated networks considerably. The use of multiple cores provided by modern hardware can significantly improve the speed of emulation(More)
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