Richard Fellows

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Cultural influence is unavoidable in construction projects and a clear understanding of it is vital for successful risk management. This study aims to explore how culture influences contractors' risk management. A case study method is selected including four projects in China, Poland and Singapore. Data are collected through interviews and archival(More)
The research reported in this paper set out to investigate ethics in the initial stages of construction projects. Briefing is the first real contact stage between the commissioner (client/employer) of a project--at this stage a potential project--and those involved in project realization--the designers and, subsequently, the constructors. It is well known(More)
This paper presents an analysis of a familiar aspect of construction industry culture which we have dubbed ‘the claims culture’. This is a culture of contract administration that lays a strong emphasis on the planning and management of claims. The principal elements of the analysis are two sets of distinctions. The first of these comprises economic and(More)
Sustainable development has been promoted and pursued for many years within the environmental, economic and social domains, i.e., the triple bottom line. From such perspectives, sustainable construction integrates lowenergy design with materials which have minimum environmental impact while maintaining ecological diversity. The sustainability concept is(More)
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