Richard Feinberg

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In this article, the authors examine antecedents and consequences of the service climate in boundary-spanning self-managing teams (SMTs) that deliver financial services. Using data from members of 61 SMTs and their customers , the authors show a differential impact of the SMT service climate on various marketing performance measures. Furthermore, they(More)
This study investigates the composition of customer relationship management (CRM) in e-business by examining the possible elements that determine different aspects of the relationship between customers and e-businesses. A web-based CRM survey of 38 items, constructed from SERVQUAL (service quality instrument), SITEQUAL (website service quality instrument)(More)
Multi-channel retailers that utilize an e-CRM approach stand to benefit in multiple arenas by providing targeted customer service as well as gaining operational and competitive advantages. To that end, it is inherent that multi-channel retailers better understand how satisfaction—a necessary condition for building customer loy-alty—influences consumers'(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o This study examines the relationships between work attitudes, willingness to mentor and business-to-business salesperson mentoring support. Results provide evidence that individual directed organizational citizenship behavior (altruism) and willingness to mentor may not share as many antecedents as the literature conceptualizes.(More)
This paper reviews from an international perspective the challenges faced by Cuba in unifying its exchange rate and compares various options to meet this objective. It argues in favor of a fast unification approach but cushioned during a transition period by lump-sum taxes and subsidies applied on an enterprise-by-enterprise basis. By allowing for relative(More)