Richard Farley

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This paper proposes several extensions to IEEE Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) MAC protocol in order to enable a more robust and flexible solution to WPANs and sensor networks. Specifically, four extensions are proposed: a priority access period is added to handle emergency data transmission needed in some use cases, a scheduling protocol to resolve(More)
The photophysical properties of the complex (L)Ir(ppy)(2)(+), where ppy = 2-phenylpyridine and L = 4,4'-(2,2'-bipyridine-5,5'-diylbis(ethyne-2,1-diyl))bis(N,N-dihexylaniline), have been investigated under one- and two-photon excitation conditions. In THF solution, the complex exhibits broad ground-state absorption with lambda(max) approximately 500 nm and(More)
To explore the photophysics of platinum acetylide chromophores with strong two-photon absorption cross-sections, we have investigated the synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of a series of platinum acetylide complexes that feature highly pi-conjugated ligands substituted with pi-donor or -acceptor moieties. The molecules (numbered 1-4) considered(More)
Donor Acceptor Donor-based π-Conjugated Oligomers for Nonlinear Optics and Near-IR Emission Stefan Ellinger, Kenneth R. Graham, Pengjie Shi, Richard T. Farley, Timothy T. Steckler, Robert N. Brookins, Prasad Taranekar, Jianguo Mei, Lazaro A. Padilha, Trenton R. Ensley, Honghua Hu, Scott Webster, David J. Hagan, Eric W. Van Stryland, Kirk S. Schanze, and(More)
Polymer:fullerene blends have been widely studied as an inexpensive alternative to traditional silicon solar cells. Some polymer:fullerene blends, such as blends of poly(2,5bis(3-tetradecylthiophen-2-yl)thieno[3,2-b]thiophene (pBTTT) with phenyl-c71-butyric acid methyl ester (PC71BM), form bimolecular crystals due to fullerene intercalation between the(More)
The new metalloporphyrin Pt(tptnp), where tptnp = tetraphenyltetranaphtho[2,3]porphyrin, has been prepared and subjected to photophysical and electrooptical device studies. In degassed toluene solution at room temperature Pt(tptnp) features efficient phosphorescence emission with lambda(max) 883 nm with a quantum efficiency of 0.22. The complex has been(More)
Cortina is a distributed Real-Time Location System (RTLS) designed to track assets or people moving indoors. Our solution leverages a low-cost, low-power Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) based on the IEEE 802.15.4 radio standard. The network, which consists of wall-plugged sensor nodes, is designed to be self-configuring, self-healing and self-calibrating,(More)
The effect of interchain interaction on the triplet excited state is explored in two Pt-acetylide polymers of the type [-trans-Pt(PBu(3))(2)-C triple bond C-Ar-C triple bond C-](n), where Ar is either 1,4-phenylene or is based on the pentiptycene unit (polymers 2 and 3, respectively). To explore the effect of interchain interaction in Pt-acetylide(More)
We are working on a revolutionary scintillating plastic material in the form of a fused fiber structure. The material has different responses to fast neutrons, gamma rays and thermal neutrons. Energy deposited in 3-D voxels will be recorded using SiPM technology. This material development is directed towards the urgent need for high resolution imaging of(More)