Richard Fairman

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Electrostatic interactions between charged amino acids often affect heterospecificity in coiled coils as evidenced by the interaction between the oncoproteins, fos and jun. Such interactions have been successfully exploited in the design of heteromeric coiled coils in a number of laboratories. It has been suggested that heterospecificity in these dimeric(More)
The remote and sparsely populated Kimberley region is a major centre of endemism in the Australian monsoonal tropics that is threatened by uncontrolled fire following the disruption of Aboriginal burning practices. A recent study of the ant fauna of the Mitchell Falls area of the northern Kimberley revealed that 44 % of the species are known only from the(More)
We construct a state-and-transition model for mammals in tropical savannas in northern Australia to synthesize ecological knowledge and understand mammalian declines. We aimed to validate the existence of alternative mammal assemblage states similar to those in arid Australian grasslands, and to speculate on transition triggers. Based on the arid grassland(More)
Patch mosaic burning, in which fire is used to produce a mosaic of habitat patches representative of a range of fire histories ('pyrodiversity'), has been widely advocated to promote greater biodiversity. However, the details of desired fire mosaics for prescribed burning programs are often unspecified. Threatened small to medium-sized mammals (35 g to 5.5(More)
This study determined spatio-temporal invasion dynamics of Phytophthora cinnamomi, examined differences between disease centres and inferred mechanisms of invasion. Patch disease extension was measured from aerial photographs of three Banksia woodland areas infested with P. cinnamomi. Disease extension was also determined from the fronts of six disease(More)
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