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Many parameter estimation problems in chemical or biochemical engineering lead to ill-conditioned and nonconvex optimization problems. For bad starting values the use gradient based result in local optimal solutions. To overcome this drawback, a global optimization approach, Simulated Annealing, has been coupled with a gradient-based SQP approach. To(More)
Pain and discomfort are prevalent symptoms among the vast majority of patients with fixed orthodontic appliances and is the most disliked aspect of treatment. The periodontium is a highly innervated structure that also provides the necessary trophic factors, such as nerve growth factor, which promote neuronal survival, maintenance and axonal growth, via(More)
An increasing demand on load flexibility in power supply networks is the motivation to look at flexible, and possibly optimal control systems for power plants with carbon capture units. Minimizing the energy demand for carbon dioxide removal under these circumstances reduces the cost disadvantage of carbon capture compared to conventional production. In(More)
A shortcut model is developed for the predictive simulation of a three-phase distillation process in packed towers. The model is taking into account the mass transfer resistance between the vapour phase and both liquid phases, whereas equilibrium is assumed between the two liquid phases. The development of the model was strongly connected with a systematic(More)
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