Richard F. Young

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This study investigates the acquisition of an unfamiliar discursive practice by an adult Vietnamese learner of English. The practice is revision talk in weekly English as a Second Language (ESL) writing conferences between the student and his ESL writing instructor. This research adopts the interactional competence framework for understanding the(More)
Using the framework of systemic functional grammar, the study reported on here compares two modes of presenting the same scientific topic: in a physics textbook and in interactive teacher talk. Three aspects of scientific meaning making are analyzed: representations of physical and mental reality, lexical packaging, and the rhetorical structure of(More)
This chapter addresses both the development and substance of the World Anti-Doping Code, which came into effect in 2003, as well as the subsequent Code amendments, which came into effect in 2009 and 2015. Through an extensive process of stakeholder input and collaboration, the World Anti-Doping Code has transformed the hodgepodge of inconsistent and(More)
Toward the end of the academic year, a man with a clipboard turned up at one of the capital city's best high schools. He sauntered from classroom to classroom, ignoring the students and instead engaged in seemingly trivial chitchat with the teachers, twenty minutes at a time. Tell me, what subjects are your specialties? How long have you worked here? Can(More)
A common assumption is that one’s mother tongue is essentially one’s ethnocultural identity. Contact by speakers of local languages with a hegemonic language such as English is therefore seen as endangering not only the local language but also threatening the identity that speakers deem closest to them. I will argue in this paper that identifying language(More)
Jennifer Adams Mustafa al’Absi Arianna Aldridge Sharif Alruzzeh Marni Amsellem Kofi Anie Susan Backhouse Simon Bacon Hoda Badr Rajni Banthia Steven Barger Sean Barrett Susan Bartlett Melanie Bean Ellen Beckjord Maureen Benjamins Eric Benotsch Sophie Bergeron Jamie Bodenlos Jill Bormann Belinda Borrelli Bret Boyer Peter Brawer Tracey Brickell Elizabeth(More)
This is a thought-provoking scenario with a number of underlying issues and questions that need to be addressed. Does Rosen have IACUC approval to use the animals—in this case rabbits—on her approved protocol? Does Chen have the authority to allow Rosen to ‘borrow’ two of his animals to conduct her research? Although the procedures described are parts of(More)