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In [1],[3] the notion of well-supported compact closed categories was introduced-symmetric monoidal categories for which every object has a separable algebra structure. More recently it was shown in [2] that the category whose arrows are cospans of A-labelled graphs between finite sets is the generic symmetric monoidal category with a separable algebra(More)
Previous work in multilingual support is reviewed. Research to date has involved four basic issues: character-set standardization, text input, internal storage and manipulation and display systems. Each of these areas is discussed. A workstation that supports many character sets in a windows environment and provides display and data manipulation of multiple(More)
ate), and Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Informatics (graduate) course instruction. (graduate) course instruction. Research on knowledge-based systems including the Remote Technical Assistance (RTA) project. Introduction to Computers laboratory and Artificial Intelligence (senior elective) course instruction.
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