Richard F. Walker

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The new society was created by and for practitioners of longevity medicine who seek evidence-based information on clinical methods for improving and extending health, vitality and quality of life during aging. Through application of these methods, onset of intrinsic diseases associated with senescence can be delayed and possibly prevented instead of being(More)
Growth hormone (GH) secretion declines during aging. Since GH alters plasma cholesterol (PC) concentrations, it was of interest to determine how GH secretagogues affect age-related hypercholesterolemia. Fischer 344 rats (3 and 14 months old) were co-administered (s.c.) GH releasing hormone (3 micrograms/kg; GHRH) and GH releasing hexapeptide (100(More)
We previously reported the unusual case of a teenage girl stricken with multifocal developmental dysfunctions whose physical development was dramatically delayed resulting in her appearing to be a toddler or at best a preschooler, even unto the occasion of her death at the age of 20 years. Her life-long physician felt that the disorder was unique in the(More)
The concepts of "anti-aging" and "anti-aging medicine" in particular are hotly debated now, both in the mass media and among some researchers. This paper represents an open discussion of anti-aging terms and related ideas by nine leading experts in the field of aging studies, and it describes in detail the arguments presented by both supporters and(More)
In 1932, Bidder postulated that senescence results from "continued action of a (genetic) regulator (of development) after growth ceases (maturation occurs)." A 16-year-old girl who physically appears to be an infant has not been diagnosed with any known genetic syndrome or chromosomal abnormality. The subject's anthropometric measurements are that of an(More)
To serve our readership better, some future editions of Clinical Interventions in Aging will contain the editor's comments and views on developing trends in the field of age management, with reference to recently published journal articles that address the issue at hand. Hopefully, these opinions will generate interest and comments from practitioners who(More)
The practice of anti-aging or age-management medicine (AAM) has undergone logarithmic growth over the past decade and more. This fact is not necessarily surprising. The desire for enjoying a full life span in a healthy, vital, and youthful state is a universal human desire. Undoubtedly, this longing has caused people to seek out practitioners who promote(More)
Comments on " Growth hormone (GH)-releasing hormone and GH secretagogues in normal aging " This issue of Clinical Interventions in Aging contains a quite interesting and informative article about a topic that is popular and also controversial among practitioners of age-management medicine. Appropriate to that controversy, Drs Hersch and Merriam (2008) have(More)
What's in a name? I was recently invited by Dr. Paolo Marandola, a respected urologist with special interest in male aging, to contribute a manuscript for a new book he will be editing. The comprehensive publication, sponsored by Giovane Accademia Italiana Antieta (GAIA) Age-Management Foundation, Pavia, Italy, is tentatively entitled The 'Mani-festo' for a(More)