Richard F. Curlee

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of utterance length and meaningfulness on the speech initiation times of children who stutter and children who do not stutter. Subjects were 36 elementary school students (half of whom stutter, matched by age, grade, and gender). Each child repeated short meaningful, long meaningful, and long nonce(More)
A decision support system has been under development since 1985 to help speech clinicians diagnose small children who have begun to stutter. This paper describes how testing of the system evolved during these nine years. Testing included: (1) having an expert use and evaluate it, (2) running test cases, (3) developing a program to detect redundant rules,(More)
Groups of undergraduate and graduate student listeners identified the stutterings and disfluencies of eight adult male stutters during videotaped samples of their reading and speaking. Stuttering and disfluency loci were assigned to words or to intervals between words. The data indicated that stuttering and disfluency are not too reliable and unambiguous(More)
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