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We investigate when a trigonometric polynomial p of degree M in d variables is uniquely determined by its sampled values p(x j) on a random set of points x j in the unit cube (the " sampling problem for trigonometric polynomi-als ") and estimate the probability distribution of the condition number for the associated Vandermonde-type and Toeplitz-like(More)
Male and female Wistar rats exposed to methylmercury chloride prenatally via drinking water (1.5 and 5.0 mg/l) were tested in a microcomputer-directed learning task (visual discrimination reversal) at the age of two months. Differences were observed between control and high dose group for several parameters, the most obvious being an increase in passiveness(More)
Focal ischemic brain damage and diffuse brain swelling occur in severe cases of traumatic head injury. Ischemia decreases brain acetylcholine (ACh) levels and head trauma upregulates acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in experimental animal models. The present study determined whether a brain-selective AChE inhibitor, ENA713, given once, up to 2 h after closed(More)
These are supplementary notes for [5]. Theorem 1.3 is a variant of the results in [13] and it gives a proof of Lemma 3.18 and Theorem 3.21 of [5]. Theorem 1.4 is a variant of Theorem 4.1 in [14] and it gives a proof of Theorem 3.22 of [5]. These notes prove theorems which are used in [5] to prove the uniqueness of Brownian motion on Sieprinski carpets – see(More)
In this paper we continue the study begun by Kawohl and Sweers of the precise constant at which the elastic foundation supporting a bending plate can allow lift-off in the case of downward loading. We provide a number of numerical results and a rigorous result on a different counterexample than the one suggested in Kawohl and Sweers (2002). Important open(More)
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