Richard Eric Raizman

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Although many serologic tests are available for determination of antibody to Toxoplasma gondii, circulating antigen has not been studied in infections with this organism. Presence of circulating antigen was sought by immunologic methods in experimental infections (Rh strain) of mice and rabbits. In mice, which succumbed to infection within four days;(More)
The physiologic similarities between the megaesophagus of Chagas' disease and idiopathic achalasia are well documented. Therefore, it would seem reasonable that comparisons of controlled trials of therapy for the more common Chagas' megaesophagus could be applied to idiopathic achalasia, where the paucity of cases makes such a controlled comparison(More)
Since the clinician confronting a case of giardiasis may find the current literature confusing and weighted towards rare immunoglobulin deficiency syndromes, a classification is proposed to answer questions pertinent to understanding and managing this infection. Current thinking of giardiasis must involve the realization that (1) asymptomatic carriers(More)
Because of anecdotal reports of an high incidence of gastric cancer in a Tibetan monastery near Mysore, India, an extensive endoscopic screening program of symptomatic patients was undertaken in October, 1999. Patients were all monks ranging in age from 12–70. Their diet was uniform and essentially vegetarian. Their order stressed poverty and celibacy, and(More)
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