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Bacillus subtilis is a Gram-positive bacterium that is easy to manipulate genetically. Several methods for genome engineering have been developed that helped to extend our understanding of how the B. subtilis cell operates. Consequently, the bacterium has become one of the best-studied organisms. B. subtilis has also been engineered for industrial(More)
Many microorganisms such as bacteria proliferate extremely fast and the populations may reach high cell densities. Small fractions of cells in a population always have accumulated mutations that are either detrimental or beneficial for the cell. If the fitness effect of a mutation provides the subpopulation with a strong selective growth advantage, the(More)
Nitriles are a diverse group of organic compounds with –C≡N as functional group. Most nitriles are slightly cytotoxic but some cause severe toxic effects. More than 120 naturally occurring nitriles without considering cyanogenic glycosides are present in terrestrial and marine habitats, especially in plant components such as almonds or other fruit pits. The(More)
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