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Globally-distributed software engineering involves one or more of geographic, temporal or cultural distances, which empirical studies find have deleterious effects on the efficiency of the software engineering process. There have been some successful examples where one "bridge" location has facilitated collaboration and coordination across the other(More)
AIM Physical activity offers a variety of health benefits to cancer survivors, both during and post-treatment. The aim here is to review: the preferences of cancer survivors regarding exercise counselling and participation in a physical activity programme; adherence rates among cancer survivors to physical activity programmes; and predictors of adherence to(More)
  • Richard Egan
  • 2006 IEEE International Conference on Global…
  • 2006
Global software development has been found to be a difficult undertaking, in particular, when members of a single team are not co-located. Studies have looked at the impact of different cultural backgrounds, communication structures and temporal distance on the team's effectiveness. This research proposes to examine the impact of culturally based(More)
Deployment of quality-of-service (QoS) based value-added services in IP networks necessitates the use of traffic engineering. Traffic engineering allows service providers to use the network resources efficiently, according to the different quality levels associated with the range of services they offer. Traffic engineering relies typically on monitoring(More)
Production networks require the transport of high-quality multimedia traffic between outside broadcast vans and the main studio. This is typically done through dedicated terrestrial or satellite links, with bandwidth purchased from third party network providers, which is expensive and lacks flexibility. Given the emergence of IP networks and the Internet as(More)
This paper describes an interview study investigating the collaborative information-seeking and sharing practices of a global software testing team. A site located in Europe was used as a temporal bridge to help in managing time zome differences between the US, China and India, All sites utilized this bridge for critical, synchronous information seeking.(More)
Continuous monitoring of network status and its resources are necessary to ensure proper network operation. Deployment of QoS-based value-added services in IP networks necessitates the employment of resource management techniques and specifically the use of traffic engineering. The latter typically relies on monitoring data for both offline proactive and(More)
1 Thales Research Limited, Worton Drive, Reading RG2 0SB, UK. Email: Hamid.Asgari/ 2 IMEC, St. Pietersnieuwsstraat 41, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium, Email: 3 France Telecom R & D, 42, rue des Coutures, BP 6243, 14066 Caen Cedex 04, France, Email: 4 Centre for(More)