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The H3 histamine receptor is a high-affinity receptor reported to mediate inhibition of CNS histidine decarboxylase activity and depolarization-induced histamine release. We have used (R)-alpha-[3H]methylhistamine, a specific, high-affinity agonist, to characterize ligand binding to this receptor. Saturation binding studies with rat brain membranes(More)
The H3 receptor is a high-affinity histamine receptor that inhibits release of several neurotransmitters, including histamine. We have characterized H3 receptor binding in bovine brain and developed conditions for its solubilization. Particulate [3H]histamine binding showed an apparently single class of sites (KD = 4.6 nM; Bmax = 78 fmol/mg of protein). Of(More)
One method underutilized in training teachers to use technology is to use live modeling sessions. This study qualitatively investigates how the use of modeling sessions impacted students. In this study we found that modeling was perceived by most students to be effective at teaching technology skills and ideas for integrating technology as teachers.(More)
Opiate alkaloids and peptides are reported to inhibit 45Ca2+ binding to synaptic plasma membranes and uptake into brain synaptosomes. We have examined the effects of a number of opiates on 45Ca2+ uptake in a clonal cell line NCB20 which expresses multiple opioid binding sites. The cells express voltage-dependent calcium channels that are blocked by(More)
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