Richard-Edward Randall

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Pyruvate kinase was purified from sturgeon muscle in yeilds comparable with those obtained from the muscles of other species. In contrast with mammalian muscle pyruvate kinase the enzyme from sturgeon muscle gives a sigmoidal velocity curve with respect to phosphoenolpuruvate saturation, is activated by fructose 1.6-diphosphate, and is inhibited by bivalent(More)
The structures of the pyruvate kinases isolated from rabbit and sturgeon muscles were compared. Both enzymes are composed of subunits of 56000 mol.wt. Amino acid compositions of the two enzymes are similar, but not identical. Examination of the peptides produced by CNBr cleavage demonstrated that there are at least some highly homologous regions in the two(More)
A double-blind comparative study of the use of Garamycine (gentamicin) ear drops and TSP (trimethroprim-sulphacetamide-polomyxin B) ear drops in the treatment of 100 cases of otorrhoea due to external otitis, a recurrent otitis media accompanied by perforation of the drum, an infection of the mastoid cavity or a postoperative infection, provided evidence(More)
The potential of genetically fusing recombinant proteins to the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) Tat protein has been investigated. The recombinant SIV Tat protein was initially expressed in very low amounts in E. coli, but optimization of the coding sequence for translation in the bacterial host significantly improved protein expression. Whilst fusion(More)
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