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Preface This manual describes the first prototype of a new kind of system which we call a Formal Digital Library (FDL). We designed the system and assembled the prototype as part of a research project sponsored by the Office of Naval Research entitled Building Interactive Digital Libraries of Formal Algorithmic Knowledge. A key purpose of the prototype(More)
Painful arthrosis of the basal joints of the thumb covers a spectrum of arthritic disease. The painful hypermobile thumb with articular cartilage preserved requires an entirely different type of treatment than does the similarly painful basal joint, which has stiffness and degeneration of more than one facet of the trapezium. By careful radiographic(More)
It has been hypothesized that instability of the thumb trapeziometacarpal joint is a major factor in the etiology of degenerative disease. Theoretically, surgically stabilized joints should be subject to less shear force and, hence, will be less likely to develop degenerative changes. The long-term results of volar ligament reconstruction were assessed in(More)
For twenty years the Nuprl (" new pearl ") system has been used to develop software systems and formal theories of computational mathematics. It has also been used to explore and implement computational type theory (CTT) – a formal theory of computation closely related to Martin-Löf's intuitionistic type theory (ITT) and to the calculus of inductive(More)
Displaced fractures of the shaft of the proximal phalanx can lead to marked deformity and disability when poor results are obtained. Despite the attention popular concepts of open reduction and internal fixation have received, a less invasive technique has been our standard approach. A prospective study of closed reduction and percutaneous Kirschner wire(More)
MetaPRL is the latest system to come out of over twenty five years of research by the Cornell PRL group. While initially created at Cornell, MetaPRL is currently a collaborative project involving several universities in several countries. The MetaPRL system combines the properties of an interactive LCF-style tactic-based proof assistant, a logical(More)
Visualization of the scaphotrapezial joint during basal joint arthroplasty has been recommended to establish the stage of degeneration. This study attempts to clarify that recommendation and evaluate whether moderate wear of the joint precludes a good result of trapeziometacarpal hemiarthroplasty. To assess the need for inspection of the scaphotrapezial(More)