Richard Earl Stoner

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CONTEXT Early identification efforts are essential for the early treatment of the symptoms of autism but can only occur if robust risk factors are found. Children with autism often engage in repetitive behaviors and anecdotally prefer to visually examine geometric repetition, such as the moving blade of a fan or the spinning of a car wheel. The extent to(More)
A search for an annual variation of a daily sidereal modulation of the frequency difference between colocated 129Xe and 3He Zeeman masers sets a stringent limit on boost-dependent Lorentz and CPT violation involving the neutron, consistent with no effect at the level of 150 nHz. In the framework of the general standard-model extension, the present result(More)
We describe a device for performing MRI with laser-polarized noble gas at low magnetic fields (<50 G). The system is robust, portable, inexpensive, and provides gas-phase imaging resolution comparable to that of high field clinical instruments. At 20.6 G, we have imaged laser-polarized (3)He (Larmor frequency of 67 kHz) in both sealed glass cells and(More)
We compared the frequency shift of the Ne Zeeman resonance induced by polarized Rb vapor to the shift induced in the He Zeeman resonance. The He/Rb shift has recently been measured with high precision [18], permitting the conversion of our differential measurement to an absolute value for the Ne/Rb shift. We report a value of κ21 = 31.8± 2.8 for the RbNe(More)
NMR images of laser polarized 3He gas were obtained at 21 G using a simple, homebuilt instrument. At such low fields magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of thermally polarized samples (e.g., water) is not practical. Low-field noble gas MRI has novel scientific, engineering, and medical applications. Examples include portable systems for diagnosis of lung(More)
If the extract, prepared as described, is too contaminated for reliable analysis, a double small-volume extraction can be used. In this modification, the buffered urine is extracted with 1.0 ml of extraction solvent. After centrifugation, an aliquot of this extract is transferred to a tube containing 100 il of HC1 (0.4 mol/liter). After the mixture has been(More)