Richard E. Wells

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Morphogenesis is dependent on the orchestration of multiple developmental processes to generate mature functional organs. However, the signalling pathways that coordinate morphogenesis and the mechanisms that translate these signals into tissue shape changes are not well understood. Here, we demonstrate that changes in intercellular adhesion mediated by the(More)
Extensive morphogenetic remodelling takes place during metamorphosis from a larval to an adult insect body plan. These changes are particularly intricate in the generation of the dipteran wing hinge, a complex structure that is derived from an apparently simple region of the wing imaginal disc. Using the characterisation of original outstretched alleles of(More)
like) exhibit a pleiotropic phenotype including abnormalities of cardiac, skeletal and limb development, in addition to renal agen-esis. Here we report abnormalities of gonad development in homozygous mutants. From early stages, Vcc/Vcc embryos contain gonads longer than controls and by 13.5 dpc this increased length is evidenced by an increase in the(More)
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