Richard E. Weinstein

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Advanced circulating pressurized fluidized-bed combustion combined cycle (APFBC) technology is a coal-fired technology now under test in large-scale demonstrations. As these tests progress, coal-fired APFBC should become ready for commercial repowering installations around year 2005, making this an appropriate time to begin investigating commercial(More)
The development of factor VIII concentrates has greatly facilitated hemophilia care and has made the home care of hemophilia possible. However, factor VIII concentrate that has been produced using traditional methods contains large amounts of foreign proteins and viruses. This has resulted in the development of immunologic abnormalities in many hemophiliacs(More)
THIS DOCUMENT. ABSTRACT The CoalFleet Guideline for Advanced Pulverized Coal Power Plants provides an overview of state-of-the art and emerging technologies for pulverized coal-fired generating units along with lessons learned for current plants worldwide. The Guideline aims to facilitate the timely deployment of reliable, next-generation generating units(More)
Earlier evaluations provided concept evaluation estimates of the performance and cost for repowering two power stations with advanced circulating pressurized fluidized bed combustion combined cycles (APFBC). Each APFBC repowering evaluation used a Foster Wheeler APFBC island supplying a single APFBC-modified Westinghouse W501F gas turbine, retaining the use(More)
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