Richard E Payne

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The interaction of [125I] labeled murine epidermal growth factor (EGF)( with cultured human keratinocytes has been studied. Epidermal cells from neonatal foreskins were propagated to confluence in 24-well culture trays and incubated with [125I] EGF for binding assays. Association reached equilibrium within 2-4 hr at 4 degrees and slightly earlier at 37(More)
Soluble human plasma fibronectin or collagen types I or IV, when preincubated with tissue culture plastic dishes, were effective spreading agents for cultured human keratinocytes and increased spreading in a time-and concentration-dependent manner. Spreading on fibronectin, but not on type IV collagen, was inhibited by antifibronectin; therefore, the(More)
Fibronectin has been demonstrated in epithelial cell types in culture, but published studies of keratinocytes have shown patterns of fibronectin produced by cells grown in medium with serum, which contains fibronectin. Since plasma fibronectin can bind to cells in vitro, cells grown in serum-supplemented media could show artifactual patterns of(More)
Trichohyalin, a protein contained in granules in the cells of the hair-follicle inner root sheath and in the medulla of the hair shaft, has been purified previously from sheep hair bulbs and is also a major protein of filiform papillae of tongue epithelium. Polyclonal affinity-purified antibodies and a monoclonal antibody raised to purified pig tongue(More)
Poultry has long been cited as a reservoir for Campylobacter spp., and litter has been implicated as a vehicle in their transmission. Chicks were raised on litter removed from a broiler house positive for Campylobacter jejuni. Litter was removed from the house on days 0, 3, and 9 after birds were removed for slaughter. Chicks were raised on these three(More)
Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men, with prevalence rates ranging from 21% to 31%. Because many physicians do not inquire about sexual dysfunction and patients are reluctant to offer it as a medical complaint, PE is underreported in clinical practice. A sexual history is therefore necessary to uncover the(More)
Numerous heparin-binding growth factors active in different types of cells have recently been shown to belong to the family of fibroblast growth factors. Because these factors are active in some types of epithelial cells, we tested the activity of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) from bovine brain in human keratinocyte cultures. bFGF stimulated(More)
Prostatitis is a broad term used to describe inflammation of the prostate that may be associated with a myriad of lower urinary tract symptoms and symptoms of sexual discomfort and dysfunction. The condition affects 5% to 10% of the male population and is the most common urologic diagnosis in men younger than 50 years. Prostatitis is classified into four(More)
Previous studies have suggested that minoxidil stimulates growth of keratinocytes, possibly in a manner similar to the action of epidermal growth factor. Using both a short-term assay, thymidine incorporation, and a longer term assay, cell counting, to assess proliferative growth, we tested the activity of minoxidil in human keratinocyte cultures grown in(More)
Extracts of term human placenta were tested for enhancement of proliferative growth of primary cultures of human keratinocytes. Saline extracts or supernatants from homogenates were dialyzed extensively, lyophilized, and tested in subcultures of keratinocytes in MCDB 153 medium with 0.1 mM Ca++ containing only defined supplements (insulin, hydrocortisone,(More)