Richard E Oliver

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PURPOSE This article (i) reviews existing research on the relationships that exist among spirituality, religion, and health for persons with disabilities; and (ii) compares different theoretical coping models (i.e., spiritual vs. psychoneuroimmunological). BACKGROUND Over the past decade interest has increased in relationships among spirituality,(More)
The authors analyse the social histories of 1000 children taking into account their place of origin, state of nutrition, age of the child and of his parents; their social condition, number of offsprings, wages, degree of instruction and profession of the parents, ledging: quality, running water, sanitary and electric services: type of feeding, conditions(More)
As the number of elderly continues to increase dramatically, families are often faced with exploring how to secure needed care and assistance for a frail or functionally impaired relative. These decisions are often made in times of high stress and families frequently do not have the time needed to explore all potential care options. One important source of(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the interpersonal value domain of certified medical technologists. By so doing, it was anticipated that a better understanding of what medical technologists consider important in their relationships with other people might be established. More specifically, this study examined the interpersonal values of medical(More)
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