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After pulse-labelling with 32P-orthophosphate of cells of the blue-green alga Anacystis (Lauterbornia) nidulans which were previously grown in a P-free medium for 20 h most of the 32P-radioactivity is incorporated into condensed inorganic phosphates. The isolation of the latter was achieved by joint extraction with the nucleic acids and fractionation on(More)
Institutional differentiation has been one of the central concerns of sociology since the days of Auguste Comte. However, the overarching tendency among institutionalists such as Durkheim or Spencer has been to treat the process of differentiation from a macro, “outside in” perspective. Missing from this analysis is how institutional differentiation occurs(More)
The present study attempts to determine if the isolated rat liver is capable of synthesizing renin substrate from 14C-labelled amino acids added in the perfusate. The renin substrate is characterized via reaction with renin, forming a substance that is subsequently identified as proangiotensin. Extensive evaluation of the reaction product is carried out by(More)
The works of [Cha-DunAlvInoNieCarFieLaw, Cha-Dun] describe upward sweeps in populations of city-states and attempt to characterize such phenomenon. The model proposed in both [TurKor, Tur] describes how the population, state resources and internal conflict influence each other over time. We show that one can obtain an upward sweep in the population by(More)
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