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This paper describes some recent developments in the field of software estimation. Factors to be considered in software estimation are discussed, a framework for reconciling those factors is presented, software estimation techniques are categorized, and recent advances are described. The paper concludes with a forecast of likely future trends in software(More)
Software engineering involves the application of principles of computer science, management science, and other fields to the design and construction of software systems. Education in software engineering is fundamentally different from education in computer science, management science, or other constituent fields, even though it shares a large common area(More)
Iterative development can take many forms, depending on the project's goals: iterative prototyping can help evolve a user interface. Agile development is a way to closely involve a prototypical customer in a process that might repeat daily. Incremental build lets developers produce weekly builds of an evolving product. A spiral model can help the team(More)
This paper describes an experimental program testing facility called the interactive semantic modelling system (ISMS). The ISMS is designed to allow experimentation with a wide variety of tools for collecting, analyzing, and displaying testing information. The design methodology is applicable to procedural programming languages, and Algol 60 is being used(More)